Show season in full swing!

It's been a bit non-stop at Auntie Mo HQ since the Bishop Auckland Food Festival! Our cookie and brownie mixes have been flying off the shelves and we are just about in production mode full time.

It was lovely meeting everyone at the BBC Good Food Show in Harrogate. We thought Harrogate was absolutely beautiful and look forward to coming back on the 26th of June for the Harrogate Fine Food Show, by the Guild Of Fine Food. We have some big things planned for this show - if you would like a clue in advance then just keep an eye on this blog!

Next up for the Auntie Mo's team is the Earthbeat Vegfest in Saltburn this Saturday. Looking to grab something to bake up before Eurovision? Come get a pack! We will also be baking cookies for sale as a special one off just for this event! 

After that we have the GB Food Festival at Hardwick Hall, starting the 27th of May and going all Bank Holiday weekend - followed quickly by Foodies in Newcastle on the 2nd of June!

If you are going to come see us at any of these fab shows let us know at: Or tag us on Facebook @auntiemos!



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